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Dr. Mostafa Hussain


Dr. Mostafa’s vision is to have a positive influence in his patients’ lives. He believes that

everyone can make the best decision for their health and wellbeing, provided they are

educated and motivated to do so. His approach to treatment is to place knowledge and choice in the patient’s hands and guide them through the decision-making process.

Mostafa aims at forming longstanding relationships with patients by providing exceptional dental treatment and a unique experience with each dental visit. “I hope my patients look forward to coming to see their dentist, rather than feel like they need to.” From dental pain relief to beautiful smiles – Mostafa enjoys all aspects of dentistry and is constantly gaining new skills through attending seminars across the world. His vast range of treatment ability makes for a complete dentist, one that caters to all patient’s dental needs.

Dental surgery with care and comfort

Mostafa’s passion is in delivering different dental implant surgical options. By basing his treatment protocols on evidence-based dentistry and utilising the latest in dental technology such as Cone Beam CT scans, 3D printed guides for accurate implant surgeries and a very precise dental pain management routine, he can deliver a treatment process that is simple, efficient, and as painless as possible. Modern dentistry in day-to-day treatment – 3D printing, crown and bridge milling has been a part of Simply Teeth’s treatment modality since our inception. With every advancement in modern dentistry and dental technology, Mostafa aims to take his work to the next level.

The aim is not only to make dental treatment like crowns, bridges, and even large fillings, easy, convenient and affordable for the patient, but most importantly, with all this must come improvement in strength and quality compared to traditional methods.

Fully experienced in these procedures

  • Elegant smile makeovers using digital, convenient, and high-quality methods
  • Wisdom teeth removal, from simple to complex surgical extractions
  • All sedation options including twilight sedation and General Anaesthesia
  • Crown and Bridge and Ceramic fillings
  • Veneers
  • All dental implant procedures including All-on-4
  • Pain free, lifelong dentistry
Dr. Mostafa Hussain

Positivity through Dentistry and life

Mostafa’s positive outlook to life is reflected through his interaction with his friends and colleagues. He loves to learn new things while at the same time perfecting that which he already knows. Dentistry, family, and passion for Mental Health – Mostafa’s father is a renowned consultant psychiatrist in Perth, Western Australia.

Through him, Mostafa has developed a passion for mental health, and specifically how it relates to Dentistry. He strives to help patients with any dental anxiety, and aims at changing any previous negative perception, into an unforgettable positive dental experience!