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Gum Disease Treatment

Prevent gum problems before it starts

gum disease

Gum Disease Treatment

Prevent gum problems before it starts

How do I know if I have gum disease?

Gum Disease is the inflammation and destruction of the tissues surrounding the teeth. This includes the bone, soft tissues, and fibres that hold teeth in place.

Symptoms include:

  • Bleeding or swollen gums
  • Receding gums (the gum line shrinks away from the tooth making teeth look longer)
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Black triangles (spaces between teeth caused by shrinkage of the gums creating the look of black triangles)
  • Bad breath
  • A bad taste in the mouth
  • Tenderness when biting
  • Loose teeth

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease where only the surface layers of the gum, are affected. At this stage, there is no damage to the deeper parts of the gums, teeth, or bone.

Periodontitis occurs when the advanced stages of gingivitis is not treated. Structures affected by periodontitis include the covering of the tooth root, the bone, and the fibres that connect the tooth root to the bone (periodontal ligament).

Once periodontitis occurs, bone loss occurs and spaces between the tooth root and the gum form. These are called periodontal pockets and bacteria trapped in these pockets cause even more damage to the gums.

Although gum disease is usually caused by build up of plaque on teeth, other factors such as smoking, diabetes, heart disease and other systemic conditions have been found to play a major part in the progression of periodontitis.

Most of the time gum disease can be completely pain-free.

Why is gum health important?

  • As a foundation for healthy teeth – The gums and bone hold the teeth in place. Even in the absence of decay, teeth with poor gum health are at risk of falling out.
  • Healthy gums do not bleed and can also help to remove bad breath. Bacteria responsible for gum disease cause bad breath. By removing the bacteria, bad smells and odours are also removed.
  • Healthy gums help you achieve a nice healthy smile. Without gum disease, your gums will look pink and healthy all the time and increase your confidence to put your best smile forward.

    What type of treatment is involved?

    The treatment of gum disease varies depending on the level of severity. At Simply Teeth, our dentists offer many pain-free treatment modalities to stop and prevent gum disease.

    If you suspect you may have gum disease, contact one of our friendly staff members at Simply Teeth West Perth today for a check up and consult today!

    Gum Disease treatment
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