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Case Study:

Cosmetic implant

Long-term solution for missing teeth

Cosmetic implant

Case Study: Cosmetic implant

Long-term solution for missing teeth

Mr Adams had an accident when he was young, resulting in the loss of one  tooth and a chip in another. After many years of wearing a temporary acrylic denture, he decided to seek out his options for a long-term cosmetic solution.

Dental Implant Consultation

At the cosmetic consultation, he expressed his desire to have a permanent fixed-in tooth and not a removable tooth. He wanted to be able to bite into a burger without worrying that his tooth may fall out or move. During the assessment, Mr Adams felt bothered by the colour of his previously chipped tooth, and really wanted all his front teeth to match.

Treatment plan

After his cosmetic dental assessment, he decided on a dental implant and ceramic veneers to achieve his dream smile. A dental implant is often considered the gold standard for replacing a single missing tooth. It offers a long-lasting and effective solution that can provide a significant improvement in both function and appearance. Prior to replacement of his tooth, he underwent a professional scale and clean to ensure optimal health of the teeth and gums and an in-chair tooth whitening session.

Teeth whitening

At Simply Teeth, we use the latest ZOOM whitening system; light activated technology that gives better whitening results. It is 40% more effective than non-light activated systems, and clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades.

CT 3D Scanning

Mr Adams opted for a youthful tooth shape design to address the misshapen nature of his teeth while maintaining their original style. Tooth shape can have a significant impact on others’ perceptions of a person’s smile, facial features and personality. At Simply Teeth, we utilise digital smile design features to plan and simulate your new smile, taking into careful consideration the proportions, alignment, symmetry, contour and colour of your teeth.

With all cosmetic dental treatments, the dental records taken at the consultation appointment are used by the cosmetic dentist and the dental technician to design a 3D model of the proposed smile that can be trialed on the teeth. This important part of the planning phase of cosmetic dental treatment allows the patient to see their smile design prior to proceeding with treatment.

A cone beam CT is a 3D scan that is taken prior to surgery to visualise the bone and associated structures prior to surgery. This allows your surgeon to plan the position and size of your implant.

Dental implant treatments

The next stage of Mr Adams cosmetic journey was his implant surgery under twilight sedation. Here at Simply Teeth, we work with trained anaesthetists to ensure our patients are relaxed during their dental treatments and surgeries. If you feel anxious when thinking about coming to the dentist, enquire with one of our friendly staff members to discuss your sedation options.

During the healing period, a temporary tooth can be worn to cover the implant area to ensure you don’t miss out on social functions. Dental implants can take a number of months to fully heal and integrate depending on the condition of your bone and the specific type of implant procedure.

After healing, the preparation and fitting for the ceramic crowns and veneers can commence. The final fitting appointment typically takes 1-2 hours to complete, depending on the number of teeth being treated. It is important to follow all the care instructions from your cosmetic dentist to ensure your ceramics are maintained and long-lasting. After many years without a tooth, Mr Adams can finally eat and laugh, without worrying about his tooth falling out. We are so happy he is enjoying his new smile.

If you have been wondering if dental implants or ceramic veneers are right for you, contact us today for a complimentary implant or cosmetic dentistry consultation for the months of March-April 2023.