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Protect your teeth to stay in the game with custom sports mouthguards

Sports and protection go hand in hand. Custom mouthguards offer athletes a personalized way to shield their teeth from injury during contact sports such as hockey, football, and soccer. Not only do they offer superior protection over traditional store-bought mouthguards, but they also come in a variety of sizes and colours that can be tailored to each athlete’s needs. So if you’re looking for superior dental defence, read on!

What is a sports mouthguard?

A sports mouthguard is a crucial piece of gear that saves your teeth, gums, and jaws from injury during play. It’s made of plastic or rubber and is designed to absorb shock and disperse it away from your tooth enamel. No matter whether you’re into rugby, hockey, football, MMA, boxing or any other contact sport, your sports mouthguard can be the difference between a winning smile and a mouth full of chipped and broken teeth.

Why go custom-made?

The winning advantage of custom mouth guards over pre-made ones is that they’re designed to fit each individual’s unique dental structure, giving you a snug and comfortable fit that won’t shift or move during play. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and colours, so you can personalise your guard and make it your own.

The advantages to custom made mouthguards are:

  • Superior protection
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Personalised to reflect your style
  • Shock-absorbing materials
  • Level of protection matched to your needs

How do I get a custom sports mouthguard?

Getting your hands on a custom-made sports mouthguard is easy. You can visit a dental practice or go online to find a supplier. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with your dentist, and they’ll take a mould of your teeth and gums to create the perfect guard for you. If you wear braces or other dental appliances, don’t stress – just talk to your dentist about getting a custom mouthguard that can accommodate them.

Some online suppliers offer custom mouth guards via the post, but there’s a catch. This is how it works, and where it can go wrong.You receive an impression kit in the mail that you use to take your own mould as best you can, then send it back in for fabrication. Once the guard has been made to match your teeth, it will be shipped back to you. It may look like a great option, but you’re more likely to face penalties. When you leave your dentist on the bench, you miss out on their valuable skill and experience. So, your guard risks missing the mark on comfort and effectiveness. In a game of custom mouthguards, putting your dentist on the offence is your best defence.

Cleaning and maintenance

Taking care of your custom mouthguard is essential to keep it in top condition. Clean it regularly with a mild soap and lukewarm water solution or use a specialised mouthguard cleaning solution. Don’t use hot water, as this can damage the material. And when you’re storing it, make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If you don’t look after it the right way, it may suffer from bacterial growth or damage to the material.

How long do custom sports mouthguards last?

Finally, let’s talk about the lifespan of your custom sports mouthguard. These guards can last up to two years, depending on the type of material used and how well it’s maintained. Before each use, inspect it closely and ensure a secure fit. Also, bring it with you each time you see the dentist. Your dentist would be glad to take a closer look for you. If there’s any damage or wear, it’s time to replace it to ensure optimal protection. And remember, if there are any significant changes in your dental structure, such as losing a tooth or getting a new filling, you probably need to consider getting a new mouthguard.

So, there you have it – the lowdown on sports mouthguards. Protect yourself and your pearly whites by investing in a custom-made guard and keep playing your favourite sport with peace of mind.